Throwback Missouri

Throwback Missouri

You’re a Missouri kid if you remember…

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ASFM’s Huasteca is great, but the old campus will always hold a place in our hearts. In honor of “Día del niño” here’s a list of memories that any Missouri kid can relate to.

  1. Doing the full cycle in cup stacks.

  2. Parading around the track in your halloween costume.

  3. Looking forward to Mr. Vincent’s exotic costumes.

  4. Feeling ashamed to have a yellow behavior card.

  5. Having a lonchera.

  6. Raising money for the Tarahumaras.

  7. Ms. Martha and Ms. Fiona reading a book in the library.

  8. Standing in line to play four squares.

  9. Ms. Georgina’s tarantula in the science lab.

  10. Receiving  a Vicks from Chole no matter what the problem was.

  11. Mr. Jorge’s scary stories.

  12. Getting little red rocks in your shoe when you walk.  

  13. Eating the meter long pepperoni Pizza Benedettis.

  14. Getting excited when seeing a rubber chicken in PE.

  15. Getting a “karate” ribbon for your recorder

  16. Having a reading buddy

  17. Playing the lava game in the mini gym

  18. Competing in the pancake race

  19. Playing Cacha y Corre in the soccer field

  20. Buying troles and Freezys from the small Cafeteria window

  21. Playing the M&M challenge

Seeing Double

Seeing Double

Robotic Eagles

Robotic Eagles