Where the Nest Spreads

Where the Nest Spreads

Eagles are preparing to spread their wings and fly away from the nest. As seniors approach the end of the school year, some are studying for their placement exams at Tec or UdeM whilst others packing their bags to move abroad. The following map shows some of the college destinations for soon-to-be alumni. The locations vary from Mexico City, United States, Canada, to Europe.


  • 25% of ASFM students are going to study abroad (Approximately 1 out of every 4)

  • 75% of the 41 going abroad are leaving to the USA

  • 20% of the 41 going abroad are moving to California

  • 12% of the 41 going abroad are moving to Europe (2 to Madrid, 2 Scotland, 1 Germany,)

  • 4 of the 41 students going abroad are moving to Korea

  • 2 of the 41 going abroad are moving to Mexico City

Rodrigo Bueno - IMG academy - Florida
Moni Turner - University of Notre Dame - Indiana

Alejandro González Ruiz - University of Notre Dame - Indiana

Marcelo Zavala - University of Notre Dame - Indiana

Luis Elizondo - Notre Dame - Indiana
Vale Loria - Claremont McKenna - California
Viola Hernández - Claremont McKenna - California

Rene Martínez - UC Berkeley - California

Mini Marín - University of San Diego - California

Fernando Páez- LMU - California

Corde Martínez - USC - California

Vale Guerrero- USD - California
Juan Torres - University of British Columbia - Vancouver

Pato Zambrano- University of Boulder Colorado - Colorado
Cayo Villarreal- Northeastern University - Boston
Eugenio Medina - Northeastern - Boston
Pablo Rodríguez - Emerson - Boston
Euge Garza de León - Suffolk University - Boston
Yami Melo - Suffolk University - Boston
Isaac Vega - Escuela Libre de Derecho - Ciudad de México
Luis Santos - ITAM - Ciudad de México
Fede Cárcano - Hofstra - New York

Vale de la Maza - NYU - New York
Andrea Newell- IE Business - Spain
Cassandra- Saint Louis University (Madrid) - Spain
Alonso Bringas- American University - Washington DC
Jake Fonger- Utah State University - Utah
Paola Montemayor - Georgia Tech - Georgia
Alvaro Bustindui - Georgia Tech - Georgia

Ale Gracia-SCAD - Georgia
Othon Ruiz - Penn State University - Pennsylvania
Gabriel Ruiz - The Yale university - Connecticut
Eugenio Garza - Yale - Connecticut
Jessica Hernandez - Jacobs University Bremen - Germany
Jimena Villarreal - St edwards university - Texas

Santiago Montemayor - University of Waterloo - Canada

Paco - University of calgary - Canada  
Hyunsu Kim - OCAD - Canada
Mariangela- University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

Laura Garcia - University of St Andrews (Scotland)

Raquel Gamboa - University of Arkansas - Arkansas

Alejandro Gutierrez - Santa Clara University - California

Four people to Korea

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