Neon:  A Year in Review

Neon: A Year in Review

One thing is to promise and another to deliver, Neon did both.

Student Council president Viola Hernández explained the current StuCo proposals. The list below shows that nine of their ten proposals were accomplished, and only one was left pending, with hopes of completing it before the end of the year.

“Neon was a much-needed change in StuCo because they actually kept their promises and even allowed students to hold them accountable for their actions.”

- Juan Carlos Segovia, 11th grade

“The fact that Neon wanted to be held accountable for completing their proposals was very mature from their part.”

- Isa Rangel, 12th grade

“Neon completed all of their proposals, and were able to maintain consistency throughout the whole year compared to previous planillas.”

- Diego Guerra, 10th grade


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Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

Volume 2.8 | Letter to the Editor

Volume 2.8 | Letter to the Editor